Should your business be posting on LinkedIn Stories?

In modern times, we have started to see a very large overlap in social media *platforms*.

This all began with the introduction of Stories on Instagram, in a bid to compete with Snapchat. This then saw Facebook follow suit and join the short story party with Facebook Stories.

Unsurprisingly, as we see more and more LinkedIn users increase their activity on the platform, LinkedIn has introduced their very own version of Stories.

Why is Linked in Stories a good thing?LinkedIn has evolved into something very special for a lot of users. The modern climate has seen
Historically LinkedIn has been known as a home base for the corporate world, supplying a steady content feed for those who want the most extreme level of pure B2B content, industry updates and ......
But, for most, that was the “old LinkedIn” and those days are long gone.

Over the last two years, most noticeably the last 6-12 months, LinkedIn has seen itself transition into the go-to, modern hub for individuals who want to showcase their skills and “side-hustles”, use the platform as a supercharged resume booster and to make a unique, insider connection with industry leaders, individuals and  companies that they aspire to either become or stand alongside.

Enter LinkedIn Stories.
LinkedIn Stories is arguably the smartest move that the platform has ever made. Now, more than ever, it is vital that businesses provide at least one personal approach to their customers or fans of their brand, especially since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak that has seen the world stand still.

Think about how many times you looked further into a company because they provided a personal insight or a more human approach to their content?

A great example of this is @Hubspot and @Qantas

Just as with Instagram and other social media platforms, LinkedIn Stories brings individuals closer to the action, offering everything from fast updates to a detailed behind the scenes look at the operations of their business.

Why LinkedIn stories are different to Instagram or Facebook Stories Think about your target audience. As mentioned before, linked in is full of people looking to learn, job seekers, sole-traders and those so deeply ingrained into the corporate world that they live and breathe on knowing their industry inside and out.

This means that LinkedIn has now provide a platform for businesses that offer B2C services, even if they are mainly in a B2B market.

On Instagram, if your business is tipped even slightly towards B2B services, you may only use the service for awareness campaigns, but since it’s evolution LinkedIn has just the right mix of audience that will see your business gain valuable exposure and interest.

Should my Business be Posting LinkedIn Stories?

The answer is, without a doubt, yes!

If after reading this you are still feeling unsure, we have created a free X point questionnaire to help you make up your mind.

If you want to know how your employees or management team feels, a great idea would be to pass this questionnaire around in your workplace, or collectively answer the questions during a staff meeting or marketing meeting.

If the answer to any of the questions on this sheet is yes the answer to “Should My Business Be Posting LinkedIn Stories” is most definitely yes.

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